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Best Asset Classes to Invest in 2022

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So what is my vision As a crypto investor?

That I’m betting on all crypto To be in the market for the next 10-12 years. Whatever I am investing in, They will become 10X. That’s why I’m only buying blue chip crypto. the majority there Tied up in my crypto money. I’m not looking for the next Dog coin or Shiba coin, etc. Yes, I speculate for fun. I invest money in some speculative Coins in the Dex or IDEO space. If you don’t understand it, It’s totally fine.

You might consider taking a position in some Blue Chip Crypto If You Think So Currently my portfolio is 12 to 15% and over time i’ll pull it up to 20% and that’s where I’ll stop. so this is my philosophy Crypto investing.


Best Asset Classes to Invest in 2022

Real Estate

So the third asset class in which I Invested in real estate. Now, in real estate, I only buy commercial properties. I do not buy housing properties. Why? I have made many articles before and you can see that to get a better understanding. But there are certain reasons for this. first and foremost, I think if you bought A commercial property at a good location, very easy to rent and that usage rate, it’s your time limit Commercial property is for rent. So let’s say out of the twelve months of the year It is rented almost all the time. Which leads to steady cash flow. But this is not true for a house because If your house becomes empty, Renting can be very difficult. I am presenting a general case. Please don’t take it personally. My philosophy of investing in commercial quality is that I invest in Tier Two, Tier Three Cities and I End up trying to purchase commercial properties.

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate?

Again, because of the cash flow and this scenario of doom. so doomsday means That if everything goes awry. So today’s wording is bad. Tell me, what does this mean? So if everything goes bad or gets worse, at least I can sit in a shop and earn my livelihood. so that’s one reason why I Bought commercial properties. Now, should you buy too commercial properties? It really depends. I generally advise people that if they Want to buy commercial properties, Try buying them outright. You will only be able to buy it outright If you have a large portfolio to start with. If your portfolio is not large, then build a big portfolio first and then Start taking positions in commercial real To start with property and real estate. Otherwise, the real estate is not per development investment. It is mostly a hedge. It’s mostly a cash flow-driven thing. so this is the approach I would take exists on commercial properties.



Now, my favorite is investment business. This is my career and I am an entrepreneur. I build a business. I’m building a business Ever since I was 20 years old. That’s why I’m crazy about it. That’s what I like to do. If you are my 17. want to see an article about Income Streams, you can view it here. This will give you more information about The types of businesses I’ve built. But there’s a basic philosophy that I have Followed in terms of building businesses. and that philosophy is called As a value-added approach. It simply means that to make any good business, You have to create value. So let’s say you create a value of RS100 and out of that you The value needs to be captured. So to capture the value means you have RS100 built and you go and capture Like 30 bucks of its value.

So let me explain this to you Some businesses that have already started. For example, one of the management consulting-oriented businesses started, it offered management consultancy Preparation at around Rs 1000 per month. Now, that was an excellent idea from the point of view that if you go and look for any management consultancy-oriented preparation material, It costs at least $350 per month. so we were able to come up with a model Which helped the students a lot. Furthermore, we were able to make Lots of value too. and we were able To capture a lot of value. the same philosophy that I Include references to live courses. For example, you may have noticed that I Run a stock investing live course. I intentionally made it live. Why? because if you really go and study back end, you’ll realize that people Do not complete your recorded courses. recorded completion rate The course is less than 10%. Equally bad.


So, I only run live courses. This requires a lot of effort. but that’s what I’m trying To add a lot of value to. And I try to keep the price point As little as possible for a live course. so please measure it by that special approach. It’s Not Just About Launching Course at a very basic price point. It’s also about the price that you get out of it. And people have liked it a lot. And so all my batches get full very, very quickly, even without Only one ad is running. Now that’s what I did Study abroad also in space. So the new products that I am launching, which will be launched later in the next few months, You will see that even in studying abroad space, consultant five lakh six lakh rupees for help You apply to a school.

I’m building products that will bring down price points dramatically and it will add a lot of value. It’s a Simple Value Added Approach that I take in terms of running my business and I really enjoy building Businesses that are truly adding value. So should you do too? And what is the best mechanics? I’ll probably write another article if interest enough. But to make the long story short, yes, building a business, requires a lot of effort. This requires a lot of hard work. This requires a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and wisdom. So you should start upskilling yourself. That is the first step. And then when you have an idea, try to jump to execution to the best of your ability.


Angel Investment

Now comes my fifth and final investment, Which is angel investment. So in the past year, I have invested in Ten different companies. I love supporting entrepreneurs. This is a learning opportunity for me too about the innovation in this space because there are entrepreneurs who try to be innovative disruptive companies. That’s why I study this place closely. It enhances my skill set. Also, the perspective I have now is that whenever I am investing in startups, As an angel investor, I know for a fact that out of ten I will make a lot of what I invest in Lucky to get a return on even one. but I still do it mainly From the point of view of learning. Why am I highlighting this? Because many times many of you asked me questions that should be in the form of retail Investors who also try to invest in early-stage companies.

This is a very risky game. Please invest only money you are ok losing because here we have To play that VC role. you have to go and invest your money let’s say 100 companies and then maybe two or three companies Will give you a good exit. so this is the approach With which you should invest. you should also understand the type of business ideas that you’re doing Well invest in. For example, my niche is Education and Finance. These are most companies in Which I have invested as an angel investor. So likewise, you need to find out your niche and whenever you’re investing In these young companies Follow what you understand. So in short, you must Find your own plan. the important thing is that you must Discover the investing style You want to be a growth investor. If you want to be diverse vs. concentrated, you should study all of these aspects and then take according to the posts.


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