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Best Passive Income Stream | Video Editing Jobs

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Very easy and you can start earning money literally from tomorrow. All you have to do is contact me on LinkedIn and send me some samples and I’ll be more than happy to hire you. If you hone your skills, you will earn a lot of money.

Hi everyone. Welcome to today’s article. So today, in this article I am going to talk about the five income streams that you can make along with your full-time job. It is the most important point that these income streams which I am going to talk about in today’s article, you can make it easy with your full-time job. I will show you all the methods, all the procedures. And I will also speak about how you can work with me so that you can use the techniques that I am teaching you in this article and use those techniques and apply for that job which I am issuing. So let’s start the article.

So let us begin our discussion about the five income streams.

Best Passive Income Stream

Video Editing

The first income stream that I think is gaining a lot of popularity right now is called video editing. It is very easy to understand what is video editing. For example, I have released this video and my editor Vallabh has edited it and he has taken a certain amount from me. how much money now I would not disclose that is beside the point. But what I am trying to tell you is that nowadays there are a lot of creators who are creating content and they need video editors who can help them to edit those videos. Students, housewives, professionals who are working in a weekend, they all can easily pick up this video editing skill and start earning money. Now, there are four specific sub points that you need to know about video editing.

First, how much money are you going to earn by becoming a video editor? So there is no upper limit. People can also charge big bucks. If you are very good at your skills. For example, there is a YouTuber named Johnny Harris. His editing skills are out of the world. Similarly, there are people who are just starting out and they charge very little money. So usually if you have to give me just one number while you are starting out, people usually charge around Rs 500 to 1000 as they go up in terms of their skill set, they are charging more and more money. Let’s start. So roughly, you should assume that you can easily earn 1000-2000 rupees by editing a video. So let’s do some math. So to earn Rs 50000, how many videos do you need to edit if you are a medium level editor? So you have to edit around 30-35 videos assuming a rate between 1 to 2000 RP. Now, to edit a video when you’re starting out, it might take you 5 hours to do it. So to edit 30 videos, you need 150 hours. So can’t you afford to spend 150 hours on a monthly basis? You can answer this and as you develop your skills, it will be easier and easier for you to earn this money. Of course, when you’re starting out, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time learning about Adobe Premiere Pro or any specific software you might use. But over time, as you become more and more skilled, it will become easier for you to earn money through this skill. So 50,000 can be made easily.


How difficult is it to learn video editing?

Let’s move on to the second point, how difficult is it to learn video editing? Honestly, learning video editing is not that complicated. Of course, you need to invest time. The easiest way you can start learning about video editing is to literally just go to YouTube and type in how to edit videos, download some videos, and start applying those techniques to them. Yes, in the beginning, you may not be very good at it, but with time you will get better and you can really enjoy the process. And if you find that you’re enjoying the process, it might be wiser for you to pay a little money. Take a paid course and hone your skills so that you can start getting charged more for your skills over time.

Now comes the third and the most important part is that once you learn video editing, how is it you can monetize it and how should you look at it as a career, here is the very important point. So what you should do in the beginning is that you go to a website named Fiverr. You can just type and with that, you can build a portfolio and start finding some clients who will pay you little money for all that video editing. Keep your video editing rate extremely low when you are starting out as you also need experience, and the quality of your work may not be the best. And it’s okay to charge lower rates when you’re just starting out. As you progress and get better at this scale, you can increase your rates. So Fiverr is a great option, but an even better option is to reach out to content creators directly.

For example, all the editors I work with have reached out to me directly. They either send me emails or they contact me via LinkedIn and they express why they want to work with me. So I think this is a better way in terms of finding work as a video editor. Now how do you do this? So basically if you like me as a content creator or if you like any other YouTuber as a content creator just drop them an email saying,

Hi XYZ, my name is X and I am fond of your stuff. I’ve seen some of your videos like this and this and I really like the editing of it. So I’m learning video editing myself and I can specifically work around this and this software. So just bullet it, write it down and attach your portfolio. So in the end all I can say is that I would love to have the opportunity to work with you. Please attach my portfolio and let me know if there is any vacancy.

So if you are straight to the point and if you show enthusiasm to work with a producer, they can probably read that email, check your portfolio and if they like your portfolio, most Chances are they are going to work with you. So try to do it with four or five constructors. You will definitely be able to convert it into an income stream.


How to Learn Video Editing

Now comes the fourth and final point. How much will it take on your part to learn the skill? So the time investment is quite high as you may have to spend maybe 200 hours learning the skill. But it is definitely a monetizable skill, so anyone can learn it and most of it can be learned for free only through YouTube. So it’s not like you need to take paid classes. The important thing is to start building your portfolio once you’ve picked out a few techniques. You can start building your portfolio through the Fiverr client or download some random videos from YouTube, edit it, and reach out to content creators to showcase your work. So in this way, you will be able to convert this hobby into an opportunity to earn money very quickly.

The investment would of course be some hardware, for example, a laptop that you might need. You may need some software, how to get it and where to get it. You guys are smart so you can understand it. You may not even have to pay an insane amount. If you understand what I’m talking about, comment below and let me know. But I hope you get the picture. What I am trying to say is that the investment is not very high. But of course, you might need a basic laptop to start editing.


So in short, video editing is a skill that is gaining more and more popularity over time. More content creators are looking for good video editors and if you can hone the skills and start earning money through it, maybe you can turn it into a full-time career. So give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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