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Brad Hogg Trolls Dinesh Karthik For Controversial Remarks

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Dinesh Karthik (AFP Photo)

Dinesh Karthik has come under heavy criticism after passing a sexist remark while commentating in the second ODI match between Sri Lanka and England.

Dinesh Karthik’s innings as a cricket commentator started on the front foot with fans lapping up his sharp analysis and wit. He made his on-air debut while commentating during the ICC World Test Championship and immediately left a strong impression.

However, soon, Karthik had come under heavy criticism from the netizens after he passed a sexist remark on-air while commentating in the second One Day International (ODI) match of the recently concluded three-match series between England and Sri Lanka at Lord’s.

And former Australian spinner Brad Hogg has become the latest to react to Karthik’s controversial statement. Responding to his remark, Hogg on Monday took a sly dig at Karthik on Twitter.

“Dinesh Karthik your neighbourhood is on high alert now,” Hogg tweeted.

Karthik made a distasteful comparison between ‘cricket bat and women’ during the second one-dayers, and it did not end well with others.

Speaking about a batsman’s decision to try out two-three bats when they ask for bat replacement during a match, Karthik said it’s nothing new as a cricketer often does not like that bat he is playing with. He further said that most cricketers don’t like their bats and prefer other bats. And then he went on to compare a new bat with neighbour’s wife.

“Bats are like a neighbour’s wife. They always feel better,” Karthik was heard saying in the commentary box.

All he needed was ‘a stick’ from his mother Padmini Krishnakumar and wife Dipika Pallikal to realize that his comments were unpalatable, off-putting and sexist.

Karthik apologized for his statement during the third and last ODI match between England and Sri Lanka, saying that “It’s not really what I intended. I just got it all wrong.”

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