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Home » Cuomo raised over $2 million with the help of New York business leaders as he was accused of sexual harassment

Cuomo raised over $2 million with the help of New York business leaders as he was accused of sexual harassment

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks while making an announcement at a news conference from the stage at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan in New York City, New York, May 17, 2021.

Mike Segar | Reuters

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo raised over $2 million from some of New York’s top donors despite being accused of sexual harassment by former aides.

Cuomo’s reelection campaign also paid his attorney’s firm, Glavin PLLC, over $280,000 while he was under investigation by the the New York state attorney general’s office for alleged sexual misconduct. Cuomo has denied wrongdoing.

The two payments to the law firm came in May and June. New York Attorney General Letitia James announced in February she would be overseeing the investigation into the misconduct allegations. The New York Times reported that Cuomo is expected to be questioned by investigators on Saturday.

Even with all the controversy surrounding Cuomo, many members of the New York business community seemed to rally around him. The Democratic governor began raising the funds earlier in the year and is up for reelection in 2022. CNBC previously reported on the donors who chose to pause their contributions to Cuomo after multiple scandals arose.

A spokesman for Cuomo did not return a request for comment.

CNBC Politics

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Stephen Ross, a billionaire and the chair of real estate giant Related Companies, gave $25,000 to Cuomo in late June. Ross also owns the Miami Dolphins. Laurance Rockefeller Jr., a member of the ultrawealthy Rockefeller family, gave $10,000 that same month. Cuomo hosted a big money campaign fundraising event last month and Rockefeller told the Associated Press at the time that he was sticking with Cuomo.

“We have due process in this country,” Rockefeller said.

Dennis Mehiel, a New York businessman and friend of President Joe Biden, gave $12,500 in June. Dennis Arfa, the CEO of Artist Group International, gave $10,000 last month. Arfa is also a longtime agent for music legend Billy Joel. Two corporations of Cablevision of Southern Westchester and Altice also contributed to Cuomo’s reelection campaign in July.

Cuomo is also under scrutiny for other controversies, including his handling of nursing home deaths during the coronavirus pandemic and a massive book deal.


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