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The Magic Kingdom fireworks show at Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida, returned Thursday after being suspended for more than a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic — but some parts of the show have changed since 2020. 

That includes a modification to the introductory greeting of the “Happily Ever After” fireworks that removes the phrase “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.” 

“It’s part of a broader effort,” a spokesperson for Disney told CBS News. “It’s not about one or two things.” 

Disney announced in April that it was adding “Inclusion” as a fifth key component of its customer service. “We want our guests to see their own backgrounds and traditions reflected in the stories, experiences and products they encounter in their interactions with Disney,” the company said.  

The original introduction included, “Good evening, ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, dreamers of all ages.” Now, the greeting is “Good evening, dreamers of all ages.” 

The change caused a mixed reaction on social media. Some Twitter users were outraged, with one writing “I HATE THAT. BRING IT BACK NOW!!!” 

Others say they welcome the new change. “I love “Dreamers of all ages” because it really makes that super snuggly and more magical. It’s so heartwarming,” one person tweeted. 

According to HuffPost Japan, Tokyo Disney Resort also modified their show greeting in March in an effort to make all guests, regardless of gender identity, feel welcome at the park.  


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