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Increase in Salary Purse for Teams, Bid for New Franchises on Cards for BCCI

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According to a report in the Times of India, the BCCI has prepared a blueprint for the IPL, that includes two new teams, player retention, mega auction, increment in salary purse and media rights tender too.

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As for the new IPL teams a tender will be brought out mid-August, following the mandatory checks, and the bid will be open mid-October, which will be timed for phase 2 of the IPL. Meanwhile, the business groups showing interest in the teams are Kolkata-based RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group; the Adani group from Ahmedabad; Aurobindo Pharma Ltd from Hyderabad and the Torrent Group that operates from Gujarat.

It is also learnt that the salary purse will for the teams will be increased to INR 90 crore. Not only that, in the next three years, the amount will rise to 100 crore ahead of 2024 season. Out of this amount, teams will have to spend a minimum of 75%. As for the retention of players, each team will be given an option of retaining four players. Teams will be able to either retain three Indians and one overseas player or two Indians and two overseas players.

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The teams will have to deduct the specified amounts from salary purse before the auction. “Some players may like the idea of not wanting to be retained and will want to head into the auction pool. That’s because there’s an increase in the salary purse and two new teams are being added. So, there’ll be a rush to grab talent. Expect some leading Indian cricketers to forward their names for the auction,” say those tracking developments.

As far as the media auction is concerned, it will be done at the end of 2021. With March being potentially available from the 2023 IPL, it will help the BCCI to conduct 90 plus matches between 10 teams. The media rights too are expected to surge by a minimum of 25%.

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