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MLB reveals first-ever in-game All-Star jerseys

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Because baseball doesn’t need to differentiate who’s on which team nearly as much as other team sports, players at the All-Star Game have simply worn their regular jersey pretty much every year. It makes for an interesting blend of colors and logos.

This year, however, things will look a little bit different. MLB is standardizing uniform colors across both teams, with the National League in bright whites and their American League counterparts in a navy blue. Players’ regular teams will be represented by block letters and individual logos. The uniforms, designed by Nike, will also feature dark caps with individual team logos on them.

The 2021 MLB All-Star Game will take place July 13 in the Rockies’ home stadium of Coors Field. The game was moved from Georgia to Colorado after discussions with MLB players about the former site’s state having enacted a restrictive new voting law.


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