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New Oracle rewards program pays customers to adopt more cloud

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Customers can shave between 25% to 33% on support costs by consuming more cloud, the company says.

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Oracle co-founder and executive chairman Larry Ellison announced Tuesday a new Oracle Support Rewards program designed to increase current customers’ consumption of Oracle’s cloud while reducing their support costs. 

“Customers have been asking for this for a long time,” he said during the live streamed announcement. “They’re spending a lot of money on their support bills and now they have the option to get some of that money as credits,” for OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) cloud.

Existing customers making new commitments to buy OCI services can earn rewards that reduce or eliminate their Oracle on-premises technology licensing support bills, the company said. The program can be used in conjunction with other discounts such as those negotiated with Oracle sales teams and is applicable to Oracle hybrid cloud customers which have OCI instances running inside their data centers.  

“This works across all your licenses,” Ellison said. “This allows you to reclaim the money you’re spending on our support services when you spend money in OCI.”

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Customers earn at least 25 cents of Support Rewards for each dollar of OCI Universal Credits they purchase and consume. According to Oracle’s website, Universal Credits are Oracle’s cloud subscription payment model. Universal Credits can be purchased on an annual basis or used in a typical pay-as-you-go model billed monthly.

Customers with Oracle Unlimited License Agreements earn rewards at 33 cents per dollar spent. For example, a ULA customer with a $500,000 bill could eliminate that bill entirely by migrating $1.5 million of workloads to OCI, the company said. Customer’s Support Rewards are automatically added in their OCI Console every month and the rewards can be used anytime. 

“For every dollar you spend in OCI running a workload we’ll refund 25% of your support fees,” said Ellison. “If you are a ULA customer … the discount is not 25 cents on the dollar, it’s 33 cents on the dollar.”

Oracle Support Rewards joins the Oracle Universal Credits, Oracle Bring Your Own License,  Oracle Customer to Cloud, and the recently launched Oracle Cloud Lift programs, which are designed to entice customers to either move to or adopt greater use of Oracle’s cloud services.

OCI customers that do not work with Oracle directly also can benefit. For systems integrators and cloud services providers who host end customers on OCI, the SI or CSP gets the rewards but they can choose to pass them on to the end customer, the company said.

“It’s all simple to use, frictionless … and it’s available to everybody,” Ellison said. “All of our customers have the chance for significant savings by taking advantage of the Oracle Support Rewards program.”

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