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Raku Coin: The Next Meme Crypto Coin?

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The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.

When it comes to meme crypto, Doge is the leader of the pack. But there may be a new meme coin in the works that will shake up the market.

The new coin is Raku Coin ($RAKUCO) a new cryptocurrency adding yet another meme coin to the foray.

Like Doge, Raku depicts a dog, with Raku being Pomeranian. The differences start mounting. Doge’s dog is Kabosu, who is alive and well and whose owners did not create the cryptocurrency. Kabosu has been a big meme for almost a decade now, and we don’t expect it to stop any time soon. Raku is a dog who people may not recognize.

Raku is made by the owners of the Pomeranian, and was created after the dog’s passing in 2020. Honoring the legacy of their companion, not only does the coin depict their beloved pet, but there are plans to donate to charity and help dogs who do not have a home.

Many people have their own way to memorialize their beloved pets, but most do not use a cryptocurrency to do so. On each coin, the dog’s smiling face is on it, giving the pup one big legacy.

Honoring their pet is not the only reason the creators want you to check out Raku. Raku describes itself as a “fully decentralized peer-to-peer meme-coin” which is owned by the community. “Each user is (in theory) an equivalent owner and contributor to the network,)” the website continues.

The theme of community is all over Raku, with no presale launch of allocation for their developer team.

Presale launching is when tokens are sold to investors and other parties who are interested before the official launch date. Preselling does have its advantages, such as getting investors interested and rewarding the development team. But it also has some disadvantages, including the risk. Not only the risk but the general public may be at a disadvantage once the coin is released. Instead, Raku wants to be a coin the general population can have. They are also focusing on the development of passive income system/NFTs/Games/Technology etc.

The idea is everyone in the community will get a fair share of the coin. Once held, 3 percent of every transaction is given to each owner. The goal being everyone’s wallet grows in real-time. To earn $RAKUC, simply hold it in your wallet, and the wallet will grow over time.

Another important aspect of Raku is environmentalism. Besides plans to contribute to homeless animals, Raku also wants to make the coin sustainable for our ecosystem and help the environment in the process.

One concern of cryptocurrency is its energy consumption, which can go beyond your average Internet usage. The goal for many coin manufacturers is to create coins that use very little energy, and contribute to the environment and environmental causes to help offset any damages caused by crypto.

Raku is available on the Binance Smart and Ethereum blockchain. If you want to use Ethereum, configure your wallet to use the network. Also, be sure to have ETH and BSC tokens for any fees. Once you do so, you can use UniSwap to trade Raku coins.

Raku is also audited, with Ether Authority doing the auditing. If you want to contact Raku for more questions, you can visit their website. There, you can find more information on Raku as well as its contact address.

It can be obtained by visiting MetaMask and downloading the extension. MetaMask is also available on iOS and Android, so anyone can access it on any device. One who wants to look into Raku has many different options to choose from when it comes to tech support.

Because you can earn in real-time, it’s a new type of coin to try. Those who are cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as well as the mildly curious casual, may want to look into Raku. There is little risk in checking it out, and if the coin grows, it may benefit early adopters.

To conclude, Raku is a coin with an interesting and exciting debut. Will it be up there with Bitcoin and Doge? Only time will tell. The market can be unpredictable, especially when it comes to crypto coins. But we do think the coin will gain steam. Not only because of its unique ownership, but because the Internet does love its animals.

It’s a cryptocurrency which should be watched, since the impact it might have on the market is still not known for sure, but it could make a splash in the long-term as a contender to Doge.


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