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The 5 best standing desks and converters to add ergonomics and mobility to the workday

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From compact standing desks and spacious electric options to lightweight desk risers, here are some of the best options to consider for the office or preferred home workspace.

Unlike traditional work desks, standing desks allow professionals to add a little activity to the workday and perform certain tasks on their feet rather than in their seats. Desk converters and similar products transform a desk into a standing desk; a convenient way to maximize the functionality of existing furniture during the workday without going all-in on a pricier full-size model. In this roundup, we’ve highlighted some of the best standing desks and desk converters for the dedicated office or preferred workspace around the house.

Image: Uplift Desk

Uplift Desk’s V2 standing desk is a versatile option with plenty of room for customization. The frame is available in multiple colors and people can choose from a number of optional laminates including ash, cherry, bamboo, walnut, whiteboard reclaimed fir and others. The V2 desk measures 30-inches deep and comes in a number of widths ranging from 42 inches up to 80 inches depending on the desired desktop setup. As an added bonus, the desk is also compatible with the company’s under desk hammock allowing those so-inclined to take the occasional power nap at the workstation and then continue their tasks without missing a beat.

$599 at Uplift Desk



This Flexispot model is a functional electric standing desk for under $250. The motorized unit offers a traditional desk experience at 28-inches and rises up to 47.6-inches depending on height and workstation preferences. 

The model offers two keypad styles to choose from, although the more versatile digital keypad costs an additional $60. The basic keypad offering features a two-button setup to either raise or lower the desk. The more advanced multibutton option touts preset capabilities and a reminder function to alert you when you’ve been sitting for an extended period of time.

This desktop is available in a number of sizes (up to 60-inches in width). While traditional laptop or single monitor users will certainly have ample room with the 42-inch wide desktop, those who prefer a more elaborate workstation with dual monitors and other accessories may need a larger surface area.

$220 at FlexiSpot


Image: Victor Technology

This Victor Technology standing desk is a solid option for smaller dedicated offices or areas doubling as part-time work areas. At 36-inches wide and 23.6-inches deep, the desk offers a compact workstation when space is at a premium unlike bulkier models on the market. 

The electric standing desk accommodates a number of height positionings from 28.7 up to 48.4 inches. The electronic keypad allows people to automatically raise or lower the desk as desired or use one of the four memory buttons to save preferred height settings.

The surface area offers enough space for a laptop, secondary monitor, keyboard and mouse. However, those looking to use larger multiscreen arrays may want to consider Victor technology’s larger High Rise model.

$470 at Victor Technology



This adjustable Flexispot standing desk converter features an adjustable two-tiered design. The dual-platform array allows you to position a laptop or two monitors up top while the lower tier accommodates a keyboard and mouse with plenty of room to spare. An easy-to-use clamp on the side raises and lowers the unit to the desired height and a series of rubberized grips along the bottom hold the unit firmly in place without scratching surfaces.

$100 at FlexiSpot


Image: Amazon

The WorkEZ adjustable laptop stand is a no-frills, budget option for those seeking a highly portable standing desk converter. The model includes enough space to accommodate a standard laptop and an adjustable surface on the side offers a dedicated space for people who prefer to use an external mouse. The construction features a multijoint build and the top panel tilts to accommodate a number of positions and viewing angles. As an added benefit, the top stand also includes a pair of fans to boost airflow and help cool devices during use.

$60 at Amazon


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