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This is how Tony Stark influenced Robert Downey Jr’s business investments

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Robert Downey Jr’s career got a shot in the arm when he appeared as the titular character in the Marvel film Iron Man in 2008. The actor, who bowed out of the MCU in 2019, recently spoke about the impact of the Marvel journey on his real-life investments.

On the This is Working podcast, RDJ talked about his investments with The Footprint Coalition. The actor shared that the early days of the MCU shaped the way he looks at business opportunities now.

“If I learned anything in my years with Marvel, unfortunately, until some utopian next chapter, money moves the needle. It leverages innovation to become commonplace. There was no Marvel Cinematic Universe 13 years ago, and a small group of motivated people bet on each other and then worked our asses off for a decade,” he shared.

He added, “For me, the future is uncertain, but the credibility gap was a bit quicker only because of this strange association with this certain character I played who understood tech and understood how to put it to work for creative and existential problem-solving.”

Robert Downey Jr’s character died in Avengers Endgame, but there has been speculation that Iron Man might return in one of the future Marvel films. In a GQ article for Tom Holland, Downey Jr hinted at Iron Man’s return and said, “Well…I have alighted, for now. Real world to save. But never say never.”


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