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Three Reported Dead in Stabbing Attack in Germany

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BERLIN — Three people were killed and six wounded in a stabbing attack in the German town of Wuerzburg on Friday, Bild newspaper reported, adding that the police had arrested a suspect after shooting him in the leg.

The police did not immediately disclose a possible motive.

“The attacker was overpowered after police used a firearm,” the police said on Twitter. “There are no indications of a second suspect. There is NO danger to the population.”

Videos posted on social media showed a young man seemingly holding a knife being warded off by other men holding chairs until police arrived. Another video appeared to show blood on the ground.

The videos matched the reported location of the attacks in and around Wuerzburg’s central Barbarossaplatz.

Wuerzburg is a city of some 130,000 people southeast of Frankfurt.


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