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Home » WWE Money in the Bank 2021: Spoiler on Edge vs. Roman Reigns Title Match

WWE Money in the Bank 2021: Spoiler on Edge vs. Roman Reigns Title Match

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Roman Reigns was supposed to have a relaxation time after his successful title defense against Rey Mysterio inside Hell in a Cell structure. But now he will have to focus on a Spear vs. Spear warfare against WWE Hall of Famer Edge at Money in the Bank 2021.

While WWE Universe is delighted to see this dream singles bout become a reality after months of waiting, the company’s creative team is eyeing something different from this match. They want originally booked WWE Summerslam 2021 matches to be intact as seeds for the August PPV have already been planted.

As noted, WWE has officially announced Roman Reigns vs. Edge for the Universal Championship on July 18 at MITB in front of a live crowd. The match was revealed on this past episode of Talking Smack after Edge demanded the match from WWE Officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville after SmackDown went off the air.

Seth Rollins was a guest on Talking Smack when the footage of Edge getting a Title match was shown, and he wasn’t happy about it. After clinching two back-to-back wins over Cesaro, Rollins also approached Pierce and Deville backstage on SmackDown to ask for a Universal Title match, but he wasn’t given one.

Major spoiler ahead for Money in the Bank and Summerslam 2021:

By the looks of the storyline, Seth Rollins is bound to intervene in the Universal Title match at Money in the Bank PPV which will cost Edge his title match opportunity. This will set up the earlier reported Edge vs. Seth Rollins matchup at Summerslam.

On the flip side, Roman Reigns will still have the Universal Title by his side who would go on to face John Cena in the main event for the biggest party of the summer. In more update, since Edge and Cena are part-time workers for the WWE, they are likely to digest losses to the former Shield members in order to put them over and thereby set up a future title feud between them (Reigns vs Rollins).

In more update, WWE had Summerslam bookings in mind when Seth Rollins rolled up Cesaro to pin him to win their WrestleMania 37 rematch. WWFOldSchool reports since Edge vs. Rollins is scheduled to take place at SummerSlam 2021, WWE decided to cancel the idea of a Hell in a Cell match between Rollins and Cesaro.

They instead booked a normal singles rematch between them and handed a win to Rollins so that he can have some momentums heading into his match with the Rated R Superstar on August 21. Cesaro was also protected in this finish, as Rollins had a roll-up pin instead of an authoritative victory. Even the commentators mentioned that The Smackdown Savior got lucky in upstaging The Swiss Superman.

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