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Can I Choose Blogging as a Career in 2022

This is the most requested topic which I have seen most of our readers ate asking and requesting to give an Insight.

We all know that blogging is a trending field in 2022 and we are hearing so much about it. So it is obvious that we will get the question of that can we choose blogging as a career, especially in 2022. You might have seen so many blogs and YouTube videos which is talking about the same but still if you have a question, we are going to answer it in this article.

Can I choose blogging as a career in 2022?

I am into the blogging field for the last 5 years and I will be telling what I think will be a future of blogging. First of all, let’s understand what blogging means?

So when I say blogging it means I am referring to an online content creator. It can be a website a blogger, a YouTuber, or a SocialMedia Influencer. This all people are doing the same thing providing content that is available on the Internet and their audience can access it. So in this article whenever I say blogging, we are not only specifying creating a website but in a generic way, we will be telling about a YouTube channel or a social media influencer also.

So let’s get started.

Choose Blogging as a Career

The short answer is Yes, you can choose blogging as a career. If you are thinking to create a blog or a youtube channel in 202, yes you can it. The long answer to your question is, of course, you can choose blogging as a career but there are certain points that you should be keeping in mind before starting your journey.

We all know that there are millions of sites, blogs, and YouTube channels right now. There will be a huge competition if you create a blog now. So keeping this in mind, we will be also discussing about what you should be knowing before starting a blog. First, let’s talk about traditional blogging.


Traditional Blogging Method

How blogging used to be in the past couple of years

Back in the day, there was not much of a competition and that’s why creators were not focusing on SEO. People were just used to create a website and it was ranking by itself. Bloggers were not required to do anything special to rank their websites.  The main reason for this was, there was not much of a content creator or blogs back in the past few years. Also, the search engines were not designed to index sites based on SEO.

But now the situation is different. if you are just creating a blog, I don’t think you will be able to earn more from it. This is why you need to do many other things rather than just writing articles nowadays to make your blog visible. when I say visible means your blog should be ranked by the search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Nobody is going to come on your website directly by entering your domain name. Most of the people search about their queries in search engine and whatever result comes users will be visiting those sites. It is most important that your blog should be ranked in few popular search engines and this process of ranking your blog is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

So as I told you, back in the days in traditional blocking SEO was not playing am a major role. Also, there was not much of a competition. Earlier there were not many blogs available.

What is my experience in the last 5 years of blogging?

I am doing blogging from the last 5 years and what I have experienced is this is a great platform. If you want to earn money. It is not only earning but you can reach out to your audience in a much easier way. Blogging is a platform using which you can pass on your information to a larger audience in a much easy way compared to back in the days.

In the last few years, there are so many things have changed in blogging. There are so many sites that are already available and ranking in a good position. So always you have to keep updating your site and your content with the latest information. Also, you should be changing your strategy as soon as search engines are changing the ranking methods. So in these five years, I have focused on creating content and making it more SEO friendly. Also, I have focused on promoting my website using multiple social media platforms.

Now let’s talk about blogging nice.


Blogging Niche

Blogging niche is very important before starting your site. Because that defines what will be the future of your blog. You should be choosing a topic for which you have an interest. In other words, you should be choosing a topic for which you can write maximum content. Ultimately, It all depends on how much content you are putting on the website or your blog. Simply it is like more content, more visibility, more information and you have a high chance to rank in search engines.

If you are blog is ranked in the search engines there will be a decent amount of organic traffic. So If you have content and organic traffic, you will be having great earnings as well from the advertising platforms.

I get the question many times that which nation I should be selecting for my blog? So my answer is very simple, rather than choosing a trendy topic, you should be choosing a topic in which you have an interest. Your blog will not be ranked in a week or a month. So you should be really patient and continue working on your content. So that’s why I am telling you to choose a niche of your interest. Because if you have an interest, you will not be bored while writing articles. If the topic is really interesting you will be able to create so many posts for your blog that creates more chances for your blog to rank in Google.

Well-known niche for Blogging

Some of the well-known niches are Technology, Blogging, Online Earning, Health & Fitness, etc.

Now, these are the niche which is mostly in trends now. it means there were so many websites that were already created on this topic. If you want to create a blog on this nice, your content should be really unique and trendy. something unique you have to write so your blog can be indexed. because as we have so many blogs already available which are ranking and at a really good position, you might not be able to compete with those blogs. Also if you have interest in any of these niches, I would advise choosing that topic.

There were so many topics which are really unexplored and we have very little information available right now. You can choose those topics and create a blog on them. this will create more opportunities to rank your blog as there is not much content available.



So if I conclude my discussion, Yes, You can take blogging as a career still in 2022. But you should be keeping in mind that this is a very competitive field now. But if you have something unique, of course, you can still be a good blogger and earn a lot of money.

So you can create a blog and still choose blogging as a career. I would advise don’t focus on earning only, focus on creating a quality content. Ultimately that quality content will bring money for you.

Also, we will be starting a series of an article that will help you to create a blog and also rank it in Google. So I would request to visit this RojgarNewsDaily on a regular basis. We hope that this article was helpful. Thanks for your visit.

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