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CluCoin’s Charity-Driven Protocol Aims To Change The World

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Can crypto change the world? CluCoin is demanding that it does. Founded on Community, Love & Unity (CLU), this charity-based token has made waves in the crypto community, garnering a sizable fanbase. CluCoin’s mission: alleviate suffering all around the world through charitable giving. Indeed, the protocol’s mechanics are based on renewing funds that “empower charities” across the globe.

As a computer engineer and successful founder of multiple tech companies, consultant to Fortune500 companies, and leader of world class cyber-security teams, DNP3 decided to dabble into the crypto world. Having donated over $1 mil USD in other projects, his charitable and tech savvy nature gravitated towards crypto, creating a point where his talents merged. DNP3 had already designed and developed Grid Gaming, one of the world’s first fully automated social media giveaway platforms. With crypto’s potential to put the power back into the hands of the people, it’s only fitting that DNP3 resigned from his dayjob to get involved in the next generation of cryptocurrency.

How Does CluCoin Work?

CluCoin’s Smart Contract System empowers charities by renewing the funds that empower charities worldwide. This is done through every CluCoin transaction, as a small part of it goes into the Charity Wallet. With an eco-friendly protocol on the Binance Smart Chain, CluCoin uses Proof-of-Stake like several other next generation blockchain technology. There is an automatic redistribution of 10% of all transactions, with 5% going back to CLU holders as ‘reflections’ while the other 5% is added to the liquidity pool. With more held, more is gained, although the liquidity pool has been locked since May 19, 2021. With such great distribution tokenomics, it’s no wonder that fans have faith in CluCoin.

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And to give assurance to their users, CLU has had a successful security audit from Certik, the famed nonprofit research-driven organization that has enabled users to trust a multitude of blockchain projects from all over the world. With open-source code that allows the public to examine CLU’s plans for various decentralized applications, contract code and a whole array of other protocols, CLU is a highly transparent organization with audit results that are on public display.

CluCoin’s Roadmap and Future

2021 Q2 – CluCoin was birthed on 19 May 2021 followed up by projects such as Axie Infinity Scholarships and Sandbox & Decentraland Builder’s Contests and Ambassador programs. An NFT Vault was created with purchased CLUmmunity assets.

2021 Q3 – The current phase has had a successful quarter focusing on community development with the formation of CLUnited Charity program that realized a team with strategic vision and development. With the implementation of CLU walletv1, CLU analytics, NFTs and more, the quarter is wrapping up to be a successful one.

2021 Q4, the future – An eSports presence will be initiated with the 1st Charity Documentary along with the CLUcard wallet for iOS and Android with VISA integration. An exchange will also begin its development stages.

2022 – If you thought 2021 was ambitious, 2022 is when Stage 2 of CLU will commence. The Roadmap for next year is still pending.

Closing Thoughts

If you want to become involved with a project that has been thoroughly audited for security, a deep and thorough vision of their crypto future and a well-developed fanbase that looks to be increasing, then CluCoin hopes to be one of those projects set to capture a piece of the future of blockchain. With Community, Love & Unity as CLU’s values, the moral dimension of crypto’s future might just be intact.


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