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Cyber Security Trends and Future of Cyber Security

In today’s world as most things are moving to the internet and cloud technologies, with technology there is equal demand for the professionals working in the cyber security domain. today we are going to talk about what are the trending fields and streams we have in cyber security in 2022.

As a cyber security professional, I have worked in a couple of multi-nation companies and over time I have always seen, there is a vacancy for a talented and knowledgeable person. today we will also talk about some advice to the people who want to start their career in the cyber security domain. so let’s get started.


Cyber Security Trends and Future of Cyber Security

Starting with cyber security as a domain, from the last few years you might have noticed the world is moving towards technology and the online world. with this changing era industries are also adopting the online market as much as possible. so when we talk about companies are moving online, we also have to take care of the risks which are there in the online world. so that’s where the demand started to take care of the security of the online resources.

Now if you look at the banking and non-banking financial services, of course, there are certain rules and regulations which they have to comply with, and for them, it is because they are directly dealing with money, the security of the data becomes more crucial. for banking and NBFC, their data is everything because if there are any unauthorized changes happen to their data it directly impacts their business on large scale. if you see the number of bank accounts from the past few years we have seen incremental growth in it. also as the government is also promoting digital India mission and asking to go cashless we have seen this growth. So banking and the NBFC sectors have a huge demand for cyber security professionals to look after their data.

Simultaneously we have seen growth in the E-commerce industry as well. now for the industries like E-commerce who does their business online and for them, their service availability is everything. because if the online platform which is used for the purchase and sell down means their whole business itself is down. This created a huge impact on their revenue and brand value. if there are flaws in the platform then that also creates a similar impact on the brand. So these E-commerce giants also have the requirement for the people who can test their platform and help them to make it more secure.

So irrespective of which industry we will talk about as far as they have online resources, it needs to be secured. In Cyber security we have so many different teams who collectively work and make the security strong. someone who is not much aware of these different streams in the cyber security field might think there is only one team that just takes care of the companies data. But we have below teams who work to make the data safe.

  • Red team
  • Blue team
  • Purple team

Mainly we have these 3 team who is responsible for securing the company’s data. first, we will talk high level and then we will deep dive into what these teams really do and what to do if you are interested to work in any of these companies.


Red Team

The red team is mainly works on the offensive side of security. This means these people try to break the security and do penetration testing so they can find the loopholes and fix them. the idea is to test the security in an offensive way and find the bugs before the bad guys take advantage of it. there are some activities like vulnerability and patch management, penetration testing, etc.


Blue Team

The blue team is on the defensive side. these people will detect the security incident and prevent it from future. a team like SOC Security Operation Centre is in the blue team. in SOC people use different tools like SIEM, EDR, Vulnerability Management, SOAR, UEBA, DLP etc.

If you are hearing these names the first time then let me tell you these are different technologies which nowadays are being used in information security. The blue team works on the security incidents or the abnormalities observed in the network.


Purple Team

The purple team is mostly working on business security and policy compliance. from the three teams, I would say this is the least technical team. they mostly work with management and client to discuss on the overall security activities other teams are doing.


How to Start a Career in Cyber Security?

Now just like any other computer technologies, cybersecurity is also one of the fields. To get started there is no mandate as such that you hvae to study this or that. till now what I have seen is people dows their bachelor degree in computer science or electronics and does some security-related courses. I would say to do some certifications like CEH for starting and getting a basic idea of the fundamentals of cyber security.

Now as we discussed that we have many streams in security, you can choose the one which you find more interesting and you want to work in. be it any team but the basic idea and fundamentals are going to be the same and as you start working on different tools and technologies you will get more idea about how the whole unit works.

Also now we have many training organizations who take students and give them a good corporate level of experience and knowledge. this will help you to crack interviews for your desired companies. now there is a high chance that the specific tools that you have learned might go out from the market and organizations might be using some other tools which you haven’t seen at all. now as i told be it any tool and team ultimately all drills down to the same cyber security fundamentals. as far as you are clear on your fundamentals i think it will be just a few days to get a hands-on on those new tools and you will be very much comfortable.


Now as you have an idea about this stream we will discuss more in detail all the fields. whatever i have worked on and experienced or learned i will be telling you. if you have any queries related to the cyber security domain please drop them in the comment section i will my best to answer. Thanks for your time and see you in the next article.

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