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How I Invest My Money to Diversify My Portfolio

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Let me start the discussion with what Mr. Vijay Kedia’s approach to picking a stock. In one of his interviews, he told,

“Actually I don’t give much importance to the ROCE and ROE. I have never bought any stock based on these. It must be reasonable. You can’t get a smaller company. Then you can’t get ROCE 20 or 25. Stock will also be expensive.

So understood Mr. Vijay Kedia’s approach you will find a lot The fear is that on the one hand, we have Mr. Saurabh Mukherjee says those who invest in high ROCE companies. And here is Mr. Vijay Kedia who says I can’t even see ROCE, ROE, and different in all Measures before making any investment. about this little story quite simply that every investor in the stock market is unique. you’ll start with your set own set of goals, risk-taking and accordingly, you need A personal investment plan.

So in today’s article, I will present My personal investment plan for you. how do I invest? which is right for me? I’ll tell you about asset classes in which I have invested. how much do I have and why did all those investments? I won’t give you the real number because of the size of my portfolio. that is beside the point. But it’s always a fun exercise for me to guess how much you think the size of my portfolio is. so comment below and let me know How big is my portfolio size? But let’s assume for reference that the size of my portfolio is large. So I have invested in a range of different properties Types of equipment.

So with that said let’s go Start the article.


How I Invest My Money to Diversify My Portfolio

So first and foremost let me You take a look at my portfolio. So my portfolio percentage is that if I have RS100 then 75 out of it is invested in India and US stocks. the majority thereof my stock holding. I have also invested in some hedge funds which give me global exposure through these hedge funds. I’m not managing my money, the hedge fund manager managing my money but they are taking Positions in most stocks. so overall I will have 75% in stock holdings. 12% to 15% is in crypto right now. I make this investment directly and my goal is to raise My crypto portfolio up to 20%. Why is it like this? i will explain it later in the article. Third and finally rest, Divided by 13% to 15% of my investment in real estate and in startup investing. That’s why I am an angel investor. I invest in a range of various companies. so this is my total Looks like a portfolio. but very important for the context you need Understand what type of investor I am.

So first and foremost I am A growth-oriented investor. Why is it like this? Because I am on the youth side. hope i still have plenty of time so I can afford to take a little risk in my portfolio. So my portfolio is a bit aggressive. So this is point number one. Point number two. I am a diversified macro investor and Mr. Ray Dalio has had a great influence on me. I grew up reading a lot of them Commentary and Macro-style Investing works best for me. Now, the why and what of the macro style of investing Is it really a macro style of investing? So essentially, I’m mostly Designed for the long-term investor. I recognize good businesses Because he’s one of my niches. I am a management consultant Where I used to analyze businesses. I am an entrepreneur. I invest most of my active time in terms To run my active business. so I understand how Businesses are cultivated. Therefore, I find it easy in terms of Finding out what the business MOAT is. And so I need To make long term investment. take a look at the macros of the company, macros of the world, Macro of the market cycle. This is how I structure my investments.


How to Diversify Your Investments

There’s a primary reason why I’m doing this of macro investing is that I don’t Wanna be glued to my screen. I want to get up whenever I feel like it. And if I become a businessman or if I depend on the stock market to make money all the time, so I’ll be Are glued to my screen day in and day out. And it’s not very healthy The lifestyle I would like to choose. so, therefore, my investing style in the stock market is that invest very little time in terms of Investing in the stock market. do your research, do yours Do businesses run different things? And whatever money I’m making, I will keep it for a long time Perspectives on the stock market. I don’t want my job to be A full-time market person. that’s why I invested across five asset classes. and let me talk about all One by one of these asset classes. if you understand why I have these investments and maybe this it would be appropriate for you to choose something Include more of these points Put them in your portfolio.

So let’s start that discussion. The first big asset class for me is stock, of course, because that’s Where are most of my money. And in shares, if I have invested RS100 If it is in stock, then 75 to 80 rupees will be invested. in the Indian market and the rest 20 to 25 rupees be investing in the American stock market. Now, what kind of companies do I do? Buying in India vs the US? Let me make a very quick comment there. So within India, my bet is that the Indian economy will grow. I’m so bullish Indian Economy. I’ve said it over and over again. Yes, there will be steps, and Indians The economy is not doing well. but that doesn’t change my perspective About the Indian Ecosystem It is growing really well.


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