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How to Find Your Blog’s Purpose

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Purpose There square measure thousands of dental blogs online. What makes yours special? once researching regarding your target readers, your next step is to see your blog’s purpose. a decent purpose attracts and hooks readers. It gets them excited to scan your blog posts. and a few of those readers square measure probably to become future patients and customers.

You should aim to be clear, focused, and specific. Sharing oral health tips is ok; but, serving to young mothers to keep their babies’ mouths healthy and cavity-free is best.


How to Find Your Blog’s Purpose

Here square measure some samples of blog statements:

  • Help dentists manage their finances in order that they will retire well Teach seniors corrective exercises to boost their posture and suppleness and scale backaches and pains.
  • Help millennials keep their mouth healthy by victimization natural home remedies.
  • Notice however every purpose is obvious and focused?

Although several businesses use their blogs to sell products and services, you must concentrate on victimization it to assist your readers 1st. After all, if readers do not realize your blog is useful or relevant, they will not care about your product or services. At constant time, your blog ought to be regarding one thing you’re {passionate regarding|hooked into |enthusiastic about|keen about|captivated with|obsessed with|addicted to|addicted to|dependent on|obsessed on|smitten by} or it’ll be arduous to search out topics to jot down about.

So, however, does one verify your blog’s purpose?

To start, refer back to the queries that you simply answered regarding your prospect avatar in chapter one. the successive step is to scan your avatar’s profile and {think of|consider|think regarding} what he/she would have an interest in reading about Make an inventory of 4-5 topics and opt for the highest one to use as your blog’s main topic.

You can do that by finishing this sentence: “My mission is to For instance: My mission is to assist ten,000 dentists to retire well My mission is to assist seniors to own additional quality, practicality, and pleasure in their life. Keep in mind that you simply will perpetually adapt or amend your statement as you go. As your skills, knowledge, and experiences grow over time, thus can your blog and readers. For now, merely write down a general purpose statement.

There square measure plenty of dental blogs on-line thus likelihood is, a minimum of a couple of of them square measure attending to be similar. this is often traditional. In fact, it is a sensible factor since it shows there is a demand for your blog’s topic. currently that you simply have your mission statement, we’re attending to use it to develop your blog’s positioning.


The art of effective positioning

One reason to own a transparent purpose statement is that it helps to position your blog within the marketplace. It provides each of you and your readers a transparent understanding of your blog’s identity and purpose and wherever it fits in relevancy the opposite dental blogs online.

Blogs that square measure well positioned in their marketplace produce a transparent and robust impression on readers. Readers will simply grasp what the blog is regarding and WHO it’s for promptly. It provides your blog a singular identity that they’ll determine with. while not this, it is simple for your blog to urge lost within the ocean of comparable blogs, once you have a well-positioned blog, you’ll use it for your homepage tagline, about page, and blog posts. To clarify your blog’s positioning, here square measure some inquiries to raise yourself: WHO is your blog’s target audience?


Who square measure your target readers – the {people WHO|people that|folks that|those that|those who} are reading your blog? the square measure they dental professionals who square measure beginning their own practice? the square measure they seniors plagued by tooth loss?

  • What will your blog be about?
  • What’s the main topic that you simply are blogging about?
  • Will or not it be regarding dental hygiene? can or not it’s serving dental assistants the way to balance their work and residential life? can or not it’s showing dentists the way to manage the finances for his or her dental practice?
  • Why ought to readers care regarding your blog?
  • How is it attending to improve their life? Is it attending to show simple ways that to stop tooth decay? Is it attending to facilitate reach additional satisfaction in their career?
  • What’s the purpose of your blog?
  • This goes back to your mission statement. Why would the planet be a higher place together with your blog? however, will your blog add price once there square measure thousands of alternative dental blogs talking regarding the constant topic?
  • Does your blog offer recommendation to new dentists WHO square measure beginning out?
  • Does it offer stepwise directions for home remedies that readers will use?
  • Why square measure you the correct person to speak regarding this topic?
  • What causes you to additional qualified than alternative dental bloggers? What does one need to supply that they don’t?

For example, have you ever worked ten years as a skilled worker and square measure intended to assist alternative hygienists WHO need to urge the foremost out of their profession?


Once you have got answered these queries, you’ll use them to expand upon your blog’s positioning and purpose by filling within the blanks:

  • My blog is going to make___________
  • My mission is to assist (target readers) to attain the desired goal_______


Then add 3-5 points to keep a copy of your statement and to demonstrate your experience For example My blog is regarding dental hygiene. My mission is to assist ten,000 dental hygienists to attain a good work and life balance I facilitate dental hygienists to balance the daily stresses of operating in an exceeding practice
provide up so far news and data regarding the dental trade that hygienists ought to remember of I facilitate new hygienists to organize for the sector {and offer|and supply} recommendation regarding the simplest techniques and tools to use.


Action Plan:

Determine Your Blog’s Purpose

Part 1: verify your blog’s purpose statement

Step 1: Refer back to the queries that you simply answered regarding your prospect avatar in chapter one. explore for any common themes and build an inventory of topics that you simply will write on.

Step 2: Read your avatar’s profile and check out to think about what he/she would have an interest in.

Step 3: Build an inventory of 4-5 topics and opt for the highest one as your blog’s main purpose.


Part 2: Position your blog within the marketplace

Step 1:
Answer these queries below:

  • Who is your blog’s target audience?
  • What will your blog be about?


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