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KENZO Token Surpasses 400 Holders

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World’s first Shiba meme deflationary token on the upcoming Shiba Kenzo yield farm retains low mcap, showing immense potential

NEW YORK—July 22, 2021—Shiba Kenzo today announced that its Shiba Kenzo token (KENZO) has surpassed 400 holders. The token is retaining a low mcap, which reveals great potential. KENZO is the only Shiba meme token issued on the Binance Smart Chain platform with an upcoming yieldfarm. The company’s intent is to give people an opportunity to be a part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem with a meme token cryptocurrency.

We are truly thrilled to be experiencing such strong uptake,” said Shiba Kenzo, creator of the KENZO token. “The reception of the fair launch validates our strategy.” Kenzo created the token after gaining more than10 years of operational and programming experience—which led him to create the world’s first Shiba meme token that offers this distinctive yield farm.

KENZO is a native BEP-20 compliant token, which ensures speedy transactions and security, as well as compatibility with other third-party services. Users of KENZO can earn five percent of each transaction, which will be redistributed to holders and automatically adds five percent to the liquidity pool. While this is standard tokenomics, what makes the Shiba Kenzo (KENZO) token unique is that it is a meme token with an actual use case.

Purchasers will be able to stake their Shiba Kenzo (KENZO) tokens on their own upcoming yield farming site, which means buyers will earn a lot more yield than a regular meme token on the market. The yield farming site is expected to launch in the fourth quarter. Shiba Kenzo allocated 10 percent of its funds for product development, another five percent for marketing and branding and 10 percent for the company team.

The company is creating a series of step-by-step tutorial videos that go into basic concepts of how to buy the Shiba Kenzo (KENZO) token, to help buyers deal with the complexity of the crypto space.

Shiba Kenzo complies with all the necessary KYC/AML procedures protecting both its project and its users from fraudulent activities.

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