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Should You Invest in US Stocks?

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The business environment is Positive in India. yes, there are many But net of drawbacks. I am very bullish about India. So if I am bullish about India and if I queuing up in the economy so I’ll bet A lot of my money in the finance sector. That’s where I have taken 50% of my positions within Indian Stock.

So this would include banking stocks, EMC Stock, Insurance Stock. So these are the types of finance.


Should You Invest in US Stocks?

Which companies would I buy?

My Favorite Companies in Finance The domain is something like Bajaj Finance, Something like HDFC Bank. This stock. I have a large amount but the main rule I follow is that I never allocate over 5% of my money Sometimes on the same property. no matter how much you trust me On that property, I’ll never infringe That 5% rule I set for myself. Other categories of stocks The FMCG sector purchased within India is And is the defense sector for me. So the defense sector simply means That it’s like a fence for me. Yes, of course, when you’re investing In the equity market, for example, I am talking about stock Which is the equity market. naturally, there is a lot of risk In the case of investment in equity. But again because I’m a growth investor, I am taking a position in the equity market And I’m not even bothered More about the bond market. You will say that in the past you talked about investing in bonds but I didn’t Invest them for myself. I made this for my parents. So there’s a huge difference in making A finance plan for visa vis for my parents. So please understand that main difference.

So to hedge my portfolio I have bought FMCG shares. This will include companies like HUL. Nestle and a bunch of other cash flow Stock-based businesses or FMCG. maybe my last purchase Hump ​​here to rest. The important thing to note is that there are zero places in tech in India. Now. I have all technical positions In America. I only make technology investments. That is all. I buy no cash flow-based businesses like Walmart, McDonald’s in America, etcetera.


Why You Should Invest in US Stocks?

Cause I’m already buying a lot of FMCG defensive stocks in the Indian market. so I’m not too worried about investing in the same set of shares in the US market. my target when I go to the US market The next big thing is to identify. That’s why I buy risky stocks. For example, something like UI Path. Many of you are starting to get worried that The intact UI path has lost a lot of value. The UI path has lost a lot of value. But these are all story-based stocks. I say it over and over again and again and again that if you go and invest ten-story based in stock and even if three of them are alive, These three will give you huge returns and will compensate for the loss that you Made in seven companies. Think about it this way, when you’re investing in technology, You don’t need to find three Amazons. even if you have one of the companies Chosen becomes the next Amazon, This will more than compensate for the loss which you are making from the other nine. this is the philosophy with which you invest in emerging technologies. But if you’re of the opinion that hey, I can’t see any instability in my portfolio, especially around the emerging text, Then these companies are not for you. you should not invest In something like UI path, et cetera. think about it again from this perspective.


Amazon Lost 90% of Its Value at One Time and today it has become one of the biggest businesses on the planet. So that’s the goal with which I am going to the US market. And I’m fixing that exposure, He’s taking a risk. So I hope this point is clear. Let’s move on to the second asset class. Ok. So with respect to crypto, there are two important points that I would like to underline. First and foremost I think that the risk-reward equation is Very friendly to crypto. I will explain it very simple to understand the language. So imagine that if you invest RS100 What’s on crypto right now Maximum damage you can take? It will be zero. This is the biggest loss. But if the crypto market survives for the next ten years, This RS100 will be Rs 1000. This is the philosophy and that is the risk-reward equation Which I am coming to the crypto market. a lot of people start making noise Said you know what you are giving bad advice Crypto has no fundamental value.


Crypto Investment

Is this okay? If you want to continue to believe Crypto has no fundamental value And yet they can live up to 14-15 years, So I don’t have a good answer out there. I have already given a lot of explanations about it and each investor has his own Perspectives on investing and I have mine.


so I ain’t trying to push you in a certain direction. what I’m really saying is I’m in the market. So that’s the first key point. The second is that I really feel that each generation got investment opportunity And make crazy money from one asset class. For example, in the time of our grandparents, That was the real estate market, that if your grandparents had bought a property in any part of India, that property will be Gave you crazy returns. Now, likewise, our parents, After 92 scams in the Indian stock market, if they had invested In the stock market, then net, that generation will be sitting On lots of profit in the stock markets. Similarly, I think our generation has a great opportunity to make returns to the crypto market.


Is it risky? Yes. Was Real Estate Risky in the ’60s? 100% yes. Was the stock market really that risky from 1990 to 1993? When have such scams come to the fore? 100% yes. so anything that’s going to give you very high returns There is going to be an element of risk.


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